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Do you need to index a Microsoft Word ® or PDF document?  If so, then you have come to the right place.

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To download the VBAtechINDEXERTM Excel template, just select the PayPal usage fee option: $15 for 30-days, $30 for 90-days, $45 for 180-days, or $60 for a full year.  After payment, you will be re-directed to a new web page to download your copy (use the "Save" option) to your computer.

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What We Offer

We have developed an Excel macro template (Office 97-2013 compatible) for Windows PCs called VBAtechINDEXERTM that automates the search, insert, and update steps involved in creating an “embedded” index in a Microsoft Word document.
View the VBAtechINDEXERTM tutorial for MSWord Documents
If you do not need “embedded” index entries,
VBAtechINDEXERTM can also be used with a PDF document (exported from any authoring sofware) to generate a page-numbered Chicago-style index to format and append to your source document.
View the VBAtechINDEXERTM tutorial for PDF Documents

The Technical Stuff

If you have ever used the Microsoft Word indexing function, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be… click here if you would like to see a demo. The system of "embedded indexing” used in Microsoft Word, however, does have the advantage of keeping index entries with the keywords where they were inserted through all editing functions (cut, copy, drag, drop, and paste), making finalizing the index a snap, and with VBAtechINDEXERTM, embedding index entries is a easy as filling out an Excel spreadsheet.

Of course, creating an index is generally not a priority until the document is finished, soVBAtechINDEXERTM brings the same Excel spreadsheet efficiency to preparing an index to append to the finished document. All you need is a PDF document exported from any authoring software (not just Microsoft Word), and the free version of Adobe Reader®.

Our Guarantee

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